Commercial Law
Commercial Law
Mastering the game

In the commercial sector, we support and assist companies and businesses from all industry branches in the core areas of their value chains – research, development and licensing, logistics and distribution, procurement and production.

Logistics, Sales & Distribution -Top-

In the field of logistics and distribution, we advise manufacturers, suppliers and distributors on all relevant aspects of domestic and international law governing the transport, sale and purchase of goods, service agreements and all types of agency and distribution agreements. In addition, our comprehensive range of services covers all areas of law that have an impact on agency and distribution agreements, particularly competition and unfair trade practices laws.

Research, Development & Licensing -Top-

In the field of research and development, we advise on all aspects of technology transfers and on licensing agreements for all types of industrial and intellectual property (technical and business know-how, patents, software, trademarks, utility models, etc.).

Procurement -Top-

In the field of procurement, our services include helping to draft the whole range of necessary documents, from standard terms of business to complex purchasing agreements and quality assurance arrangements for all types of goods and services. All relevant areas of law that have an impact on purchasing agreements, in particular competition law, are covered.

Outsourcing -Top-

We advise service providers and purchasers of services on every aspect of outsourcing and out-tasking arrangements. This includes the design, drafting and negotiation of effective and efficient framework contracts and service agreements in all of the aforementioned areas of law and for all types of business processes.

Compliance -Top-

Compliance has become a legal discipline of its own which aims to prevent violations of laws and regulations in all business-relevant areas. As such, compliance has become a major issue not only for listed companies, but also for small and medium-sized business entities. Our commercial law practitioners provide sound legal advice on compliance-related issues, particularly through counseling and training in the areas of fraud prevention, competition law, contract management and product liability.